Central America:

A well balanced cup with a good mixture of smooth sweetness and some tart, fruity acidity. They are often described as having a “clean” flavour. Some spice and cocoa notes may be present.

Our Offerings:

Guatemala: A full-bodied, well balanced up with hints of stone fruit and cacoa nibs. The beans originate from one 147-hectare farm that maintains strict conservation practices due to extreme environmental conditions and lack of water. Beans are handpicked, wet milled, and sun-dried. FLO Fairtrade. City+ Roast Honduras: This coffee has a pleasant sweetness, the sort of smokey-sweetness, like fresh caramelizing sugar in a pan, which lasts throughout the lingering aftertaste. The medium body and crisp acidity blend well with over riding fruity caramel notes.  Rainforest Alliance. Full City- Roast

Nicaragua: A smooth, smoky, chocolately cup with a pleasant finish. Women from the cooperative that grow these beans receive support for improving family food security, accessing micro-credit loans for production and assistance in acquiring land titles. FLO Fairtrade Full City Roast

Costa Rica: A full bodied cup with caramelized sugar sweetness and smoky, dark fruit overtones. Bittersweet chocolate flavours with citric acidity are present when pulled as an espresso. FLO Fairtrade. Full City Roast

South America:

These coffees are similar to the Centrals in that they are mild and light. There is a mellow acidity and strong caramel sweetness, with a hint of nutty undertone.

Our Offerings:

Peru: A strong, pleasing coffee with chocolate and cocoa central to its flavour profile, think hot chocolate with cinnamon and a bit of malt paowder. Works well as an espresso, but very complex as a brewed coffee too. FLO Fairtrade Organic Full City- Roast These coffees are similar to the Centrals in that they are mild and light. There is a mellow acidity and strong caramel sweetness, with a hint of nutty undertone.


Tasting notes are deep and dark.  There is a hint of meaty earthiness with an aromatic spiciness. Our Sumatran is roasted to a full city plus, so there are smoky and toasted flavours present in the cup with a long lasting finish that recalls very dark, unsweetened cocoa.

Our Offerings:

Sumatra: Originating from a micro-lot, this coffee produces earthy, forestry tasting notes, with a dense body, low acidity and a rustic sweetness. Full City+ Roast


This is the origin of coffee.   These coffees can be quite complex offering distinctive wine and fruit tones with a fragrant floral aroma.

Our Offerings:

Kenya: This farm focuses on cultural and biological practices, soil conservation and bio-control of insects and weed management. The loamy soil and cool temperatures contributes to the unique blackcurrant flavour, with hints of peach and apricot. Well balanced with a pleasant aftertaste. Rainforest Alliance Certified. Full City Roast

Ethiopia: The birthplace of coffee. This is a complex cup with a citric to tannic acidity. The honey fragrance mingles with top notes of peach and apricot and produces an aftertaste that is clean, a refined fruited sweetness. Rainforest Alliance Organic. City+ Roast

Tanzania: This blend of peaberries comes from the highlands of Mbeya and the cooperative efforts of smallholder coffee farmers. Expect chocolate liqueur flavours that fade to cacao nib and licorice notes in the lingering finish. This peaberry makes a fine espresso option. Full City+ Roast