I love roasting coffee.  I love watching my beans move in my roaster.  I love watching them change from green to tan, shedding their skin, morphing into the exact shade of brown that best compliments the bean and region.  It’s meditative.  I smell the changes.  I see the quality.  I hear the roasting cracks. I think of all the people, their culture, and the work that went into getting the beans from the ground, to me.  I carry that respect forward as I roast, cool, bag and get the beans to you.  I think of you drinking this cup in the morning, throughout the day, completing the circle: our community. 

Not only do you support fair-trade and organic farming, 10% of your coffee price is being donated to your charity of choice.    I think of how you are helping to give back to our local and global communities with every coffee purchase. 

You buy the coffee.  You choose your charity.  We get your coffee to you.  And we send 10% of your coffee price to your chosen charity.  It’s that simple.  There is no increased cost to you, just a lot of increased good.

This social enterprise idea arose from a conversation on a Cameroon mountainside during a humanitarian aid trip.  We were discussing how difficult fundraising for any charity or NGO has become.  “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a consumable product that people actually wanted, with a portion of the sales going back to their charity?”  The idea percolated for about a nanosecond.  Toss in our mutual passions of roasting, coffee, people helping people, et voila!  Snark was born.

10% may seem like a drop in the bucket.  But put enough drops together and you have an ocean.  Imagine that. 


Thanks for being part.   

Coffee with conscience