French: Dark brown in colour with an oily sheen that begins shortly after roasting is complete, and is fully evident within 48 hours. The cup profile tends more to bitter chocolate, smoke, intense earthy notes. There is little nuanced about this cup. Strong and rich, it has been described as both "Breakfast in a Cup", and a "morning slap across the face". But let's face it, some mornings aren't meant for subtle. I have only one blend - Snark Dark- that I take to a French level. This is a blend that is designed to handle the heat while maintaining the maximum flavour possible. Snark Dark is roasted between 470-474 degrees Fahrenheit. I feel anything over that is burnt, and burnt coffee is not meant for consumption. Other common names are Italian, Espresso, Continental, Spanish.

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Snark Dark

Snark Dark

Snark Dark:  This cup has excellent pungent tastes and attractive..

$19.95 CAD

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